US Army Signal Regiment

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  later redesignated as
  1118th US Army Signal Battalion

US Army Signal Branch

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Unit  Picnic
Date Unknown
   Mike Maggard's Service
November 3, 2012
Reenlistments, Awards, Changes of Command


Original CSTA Staff, Commanders, First Sergeants
(circa 1984?)


Photo provided by Ken Maness


CSTA Officers and Senior NCO's
(circa 1985?)


front row (left to right): MAJ Peter Fotheringham (Executive Officer), LTC Greg Boyer (Battalion Commander), CSM Don Ratcliff (Command Sergeant Commander
back rows: SFC Close, MAJ Vic Patrick (Bn S2), CW4 Clayton (Bn S1), MAJ Fred Louis (A Team Commander), MSG Bob Sudbury, MAJ George "Skip"  Williams (B Team Commander), CPT Don Parmer
Photo provided by Oscar Bessent


Early Non-Commissioned Officers
(circa 1985?)


Photo provided by Oscar Bessent (bottom row, far right)


Commanders and Staff
(date unkown)


Photo provided by Ken Maness