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  later redesignated as
  1118th US Army Signal Battalion

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Unit History

Originally organized as the Communications Systems Test Activity (CSTA) on 1 November 1984 as part of the 11th Signal Brigade, Fort Huachuca, Arizona, the 1118th Signal Battalion was officially activated on 1 April 1989. This unique unit was formed as part of an ongoing effort within the Army to improve mobile communications at Echelons Above Corps (EAC) and was characterized as a test and evaluation unit of the 1108th Signal Brigade, 7th Signal Command.

As the largest tenant unit at the Sacramento Army Depot in California, it was organized with three companies: A Headquarters and Headquarters Company providing extensive administrative, logistics and security support, and two identically equipped companies, Alpha and Bravo, which were commanded by field grade officers. Operating independently of its parent headquarters, the battalion was specifically designed to field and evaluate experimental state-of-the-art C3 systems in isolated environments for potential varying scenarios of the future. In this and other respects, the 1118th was a most important unit of the entire US Army.

The 1118th was the last active Regular Army battalion in California by the time it was inactivated in 1993, coinciding with the closure of the Sacramento depot. During its existence, the 1118th was largely composed of the most highly trained, technically proficient soldiers in the entire United States Army. It routinely exceeded its reenlistment goals reflecting its high level of morale, experienced near zero disciplinary problems, and was known to always exceed its operational mission requirements by a wide margin. The largely untold, unselfish contribution of these soldiers in the service to the nation cannot be overlooked.

By A. McKale on's 1118th Signal Brigade unit page.

Battalion Commanders
LTC Gregory Boyer (1984-1987)
LTC Charles Reber (1987-1989)
LTC David Schwankl (1989-1990)
LTC Michael Nelson-Palmer (1990-1992)
LTC Thomas Mukai (1992-1993)