US Army Signal Regiment

  Communications Systems
  Test Activity

  later redesignated as
  1118th US Army Signal Battalion
Sacramento Army Depot

US Army Signal Branch

Communications Systems Test Activity, 11th Signal Brigade

1118th Signal Battalion,
7th Signal Command
1108th Signal Brigade
1118th Signal Battalion,
1108th Signal Brigade

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Originally organized as the Communications Systems Test Activity (CSTA) on 1 November 1984 at Sacramento Army Depot as part of the 11th Signal Brigade, Fort Huachuca, Arizona, the 1118th Signal Battalion was officially activated on 1 April 1989 under the 7th Signal Command. This unique unit was formed as part of an ongoing effort within the Army to improve communications at Echelons Above Corps (EAC) and was characterized as a test and evaluation unit and later placed under the 1108th Signal Brigade.  The battalion was deactivated in 1993.

CSTA Officers and Senior NCOs
 (circa 1985??)


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